Экспо Техно Страж
15-17 March 2023 (Approximately)
Saint Petersburg, EXPOFORUM

Visitors review


The first International Exhibition "EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH" for us, as the largest media operator in the field of security of strategic sectors of the Russian economy, first of all, aroused interest with its diverse business program. The platform gave the representatives of professional community and public authorities an opportunity to share experience and to state their vision of the most promising development trends of key components of Russia's complex security. Three intensive days of work have not passed without a trace for the information agenda of the agency.

Besides, "Security Industry" took part in EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH as a partner and conducted long-awaited in the professional community conference "Safety of Fuel and Energy Complex Facilities". Participants of the event noted the topicality of the topic, discussed best practices and proposals for further improvement of state regulation and practice in the field of integrated safety of oil, gas, coal, electricity, nuclear power and pipeline transport facilities.

I would like to thank event operator ExpoForum-International, and in particular, project manager Yulia Bronislavovna Volodarskaya! Thanks to your efforts, the event, including our conference, was held at a high level!

ANO "Security Industry" Team


We thank you for organizing the international exhibition EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH, held from March 16 to March 18, 2022. LLC "Elesta" is a resident of the special economic zone of St. Petersburg (Novoorlovskaya site).

The equipment produced by our company was presented at the collective stand of St. Petersburg enterprises and aroused the increased interest of representatives of the Rosgvardiya, commercial organizations and the media. As a result of the exchange of business contacts, we received preliminary agreements on negotiations with the aim of supplying the Jupiter Information Recording, Processing and Storage System to various organizations.

In addition, we express our sincere gratitude to Anastasia Sokolova, the specialist of the project, for the friendly attitude and timely resolution of all organizational issues.

We hope that our cooperation will contribute to the development of the city's economy and to ensuring the safety

LLC "Elesta"


The company LLC "NPF "Tauros Technique" expresses gratitude for the organization of the exhibition, which was held in St. Petersburg from March 16 to 18, 2022.

At the exhibition, we presented products of our own production, namely: a telephone-laryngophone headset, protected and a generator of hot, cold fog.

These products aroused great interest among representatives of city structures and commercial organizations.

We are grateful to the organizers for their professionalism and the opportunity to participate in this project. It was a useful and interesting experience for us!

LLC "NPF "Tauros Technika"


We would like to share our impressions about the 1st International Exhibition "EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH-2021" held at EXPOFORUM Exhibition Center. Everyone knows in what difficult conditions it was prepared. Nevertheless, this exhibition took place, and it was held at a high level. I consider the goals of the exhibition achieved: we not only showed our products, but also agreed on further joint actions with potential customers. I really hope that the contacts that have taken place will be useful for both sides.

I would like to sincerely thank Yulia Volodarskaya and Anastasia Kholod for their high professionalism in their field. They were sensitive to our requests and solved all it promptly. It was their charm and professionalism that greatly contributed to the success of the exhibition.

Damir Shafikov, leading specialist of CNC Guns Custom


Recently we visited an interesting International exhibition "Expotechnostrazh", which was timed to coincide with the Day of the National Guard Troops - March 27, after which only positive impressions remained. We visited the pavilion, where the following were presented: technical equipment of the National Guard troops and law enforcement agencies, technical means of ensuring security, robotics, the latest types of weapons, in particular the Lebedev pistol, various samples of special vehicles.

They also watched a performance with fighting techniques from riot police officers of the Rosgvardiya GU in St. Petersburg, dog training demonstrations, in which riot police officers, Rosgvardiya and servicemen of the Rosgvardiya also took part.

I would especially like to mention modern technological achievements and developments: video surveillance, security, fire extinguishing, access control and management systems.

The exhibition was visited not only by employees of the Rosgvardiya and the police, cadets of various academies, but also by citizens who are not related to law enforcement agencies. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to learn new things in the field of advanced security technologies for individuals, society and the state.

Representatives of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RUSSIA


"United Industrial Editorial Board" expresses its sincere gratitude to the organizers of the First International Exhibition of Advanced Technologies for Personal, Public and State Security "EXPOTECHNOSTRAGE-2022" for the excellent preparation, organization of work, thematic diversity and fullness of the exhibition. It was convenient, comfortable and useful to work at the exhibition. The organizers managed to find the optimal form of cooperation with exhibitors and guests, to find a harmonious content of the business events and to build a good logical sequence of the event's information content. The exhibition grounds are above all praise.

We are confident that EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH has a bright and confident future. And because this subject matter is extremely important and it is only growing. And because this project is handled by a highly professional team, whose expertise we are personally convinced of.

Thank you for your work!

We wish you great creative and commercial success!



On behalf of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Department of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, I would like to thank you and the company in general for organizing the International Exhibition of Advanced Security Technologies for Individuals, Society and the State "EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH".

We believe that the exhibition was held at a high level, both in terms of organization and arrangement of exhibition clusters and demonstration sites. We would like to note the high quality catering and accommodation for the exhibitors.

Special thanks are due to the organization of the round table "Advanced and Modern Means of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense", which from beginning to end was accompanied by multimedia graphics, organized and decorated places for the presidium and the speaker. The size of the hall made it possible to accommodate all the participants of the round table.

Representatives of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Department of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation


AVTODOM LLC would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the International Exhibition of Advanced Security Technologies for Individuals, Society and the State "EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH".

Many pieces of equipment could be viewed inside on the crews' seats. The visit was a special treat for both adults and children.

There were places at the exhibition where it was possible to discuss development issues with enterprises and hold business meetings with representatives of different departments.


ltpp.jpgLOTPP participated in this exhibition with a collective stand presenting the Chamber's services and opportunities for business development in the field of security. The stand of LOTPP displayed products of the chamber members - Ravelin Ltd. (a Russian manufacturer of popular GATE access systems) and Intellect-Pro (vehicle fire extinguishing systems). A vehicle of the quick response group of the security company Titan, a member of the Chamber, was demonstrated separately.

The LOTPP stand attracted a lot of interest from visitors. It was agreed to continue contacts and discuss opportunities for cooperation, possibilities of entering the Chamber, including the interest of companies from other cities. Among those who took part in the talks on behalf of LCCI were Mr. Viktor Lukyanov, the Chairman of the Committee for Security of Business Activities, and Mr. Yury N. Golub, the Director of the HRCP.

During the exhibition, a number of conferences attended by the LCCI companies were held. With a report on "The effective use of means of ACS in the complex security systems," made by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security Business Chamber - Vyacheslav Y. Tesakov, and with a report on "Fire protection vehicles on gas fuel. Buses Protection Experience. Problems. Questions" from "Intellect-Pro" - Andrey K. Makletsov.

The exhibition was organized at a high level, provided many useful contacts for cooperation and getting new customers for services and equipment, allowed us to share experiences and present advanced solutions.

Professional organization and interesting program of the exhibition is a great credit to the representatives of EXPOFORUM INTERNATIONAL and we would like to express our special gratitude to them.

Chairman of the Committee on Security of Business Activity of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lukyanov Victor Alexeevich


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the organisers for the opportunity to participate in the International Exhibition of Advanced Technologies for Personal, Public and State Security "EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH" and to communicate with colleagues from other regions, to gain invaluable experience in overcoming problems that inevitably arise in the work process. 

I got a lot of positive emotions during my visit to the Forum: a great programme of the event, rich business part of the round tables.

I would like to wish you every success in your future work.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Rostislav Samoylyuk, Head of the International Interdepartmental Centre for Training and Retraining Specialists in Combating Terrorism and Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


This is the first time our company has taken part in the EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH exhibition. First of all, I would like to note the professionalism and certain level of organisation of the event by the staff of ExpoForum. For our organization, this exhibition is a good opportunity to meet again our loyal partners with whom we have long-standing and warm relationships, and also an opportunity to meet new experts and specialists in the field of security and housing and public utilities. We would also like to note that during the exhibition we managed not only to share successful practices, but also to attract new stakeholders and expand our contacts.

On the whole, the event was quite successful for us.

We would like to thank everyone involved in organising the event, and thank you for your help and support! We look forward to further fruitful cooperation!

Alla Bredets, Head of the Regional Centre for Public Control of Housing and Communal Services

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