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  • Development of Nizhny Novgorod scientists will improve the safety of railway crossings

Development of Nizhny Novgorod scientists will improve the safety of railway crossings

11 July 2022

Nizhny Novgorod scientists in cooperation with SPE Salyut JSC developed a unique experimental sample of radars for railway crossings. Implementation of the development will prevent accidents, as well as eliminate the influence of human factor on the timeliness of notification of drivers of rolling stock about obstacles on the tracks.

Automatic systems fundamentally change the safety of railway crossings, believe the developers - specialists of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (NSTU) named after R.E. Alekseev.

"Unique radars developed by NSTU scientists solve the problem of low efficiency of optical control systems in low visibility conditions. The developed radar complex is indispensable for ensuring safety at railway crossings, the three-coordinate phased arrays provide height measurement, the presence of two independent transmission channels eliminates errors, the radars have continuous diagnostics to avoid dangerous failures," said Alexander Myakinkov, Director of the R.E. Alexeyev Institute of Radioelectronics and Information Technologies NSTU.

The experimental prototype of the radar complex has successfully passed the tests in the conditions of real relocation. NSTU specialists are preparing improved prototypes for production, the issue of further financing of the project is being solved. Already now several Russian companies are interested in implementation of the university developments.

"Nizhny Novgorod enterprises highly appreciate the modern level of developments by scientists of the R.E. Alexeyev NSTU Center for Digital Technologies and are interested in the results of their activities. Now the center employs more than 50 highly qualified young specialists. Their work helps to team up in a timely manner with industrial partners on important strategic projects of the country, use Russian electronic component base, develop their own integrated solutions of microwave and DSP microelectronic modules, as well as involve students in the activities, involving new personnel in strategically important work," said R.E. Alexeyev NSTU Rector Sergey Dmitriev.

The work is being done under the strategic project "Radioelectronic Systems and Complexes," which is being implemented as part of the Priority 2030 program. The goal of the project is to bring research, development, and training for the electronics industry to a new qualitative level by switching to a new integrated technological base for radioelectronic design, which is the basis of microelectronics in the next ten years. Let us remind you that the federal program of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science "Priority 2030" is implemented as part of the national project "Science and Universities.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

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